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Dubai: The Las Vegas of the Middle East?

Dubai. It’s a city that conjures up images of Vegas-like glitz (minus the gambling and drinking). Before visiting last month, my friends painted a picture of a city hot, filled with malls and expensive stores, restaurants, lots of expats, and a bit soulless. “It’s artificial and fake like Vegas and doesn’t demand more than a day or two,” they told me.

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How to Find the Best Travel Deals

A lot of people think travel is just plain expensive, but in reality there are incredible deals happening all the time. They usually don’t last too long, and you have to act quickly. That can sometimes be a problem when a deal requires jumping on a plane tomorrow (how many people can do that?), but in fact most deals are for months in the future.

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Planning a Trip to a Place Where You’ve Never Been

While I have no intention of ever planning trips day-by-day, I never like to go somewhere blind — it’s a sure-fire way to get ripped off, eat the wrong thing, get sick etc. Knowledge is power, and given that so much information about is available online, I feel that it is a good way to discover something new and educate yourself.

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How to Choose Your Ideal Travel Destination

You have vacation days coming up? Finally! You have been dreaming of taking holidays for long. Now it is here, finally, you are ready to escape the office… but where should you go? It does not happen every day, so you want to find the perfect holiday destination… Welcome to our guide of your next ideal travel destination.

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